Heidi’s Hometown Ride: Seymour Demonstration Forest

We asked our ambassadors and friends about their favourite rides in and around Vancouver. Here are some route suggestions and great insider tips from Heidi about mountain biking in North Van’s Seymour Demonstration Forest!

Location: Seymour Demonstration Forest, North Vancouver
Trail: Circuit 8
Distance: 1 – 3 km
Type: Single track
Difficulty: Green – Blue – Black options
Bike: Obsess or Lust Advanced
Favourite nearby coffee shop: End of the Line, North Vancouver
Must have: A camera to take a photo of you and your buddies riding through Digger’s tree!
Resources: http://www.trailforks.com/trails/circuit-8-central-loop/


Heidi pilots her Obsess through ‘Digger’s Tree’.

Why this trail: I love how it’s a “choose your own adventure” trail where you can pick how far and how hard you want to ride by incorporating different loops and features. The main “Circuit 8 Central Loop” is a fast, cruisy XC lap with optional technical features (including riding through a tree!) and you can add on multiple blue or black extensions to your ride. I often take my friends who are just getting started in mountain biking here and we always have a blast.

Point of interest: I often access this trail by riding in from the end of Lynn Valley road, where the End of the Line Cafe is location. One of the area’s first stores was built in this location over one hundred years ago, and it marks the end of the old streetcar line that used to run up Lynn Valley Road (passengers paid a nickel to get from the waterfront all the way to central Lynn Valley, but it cost an extra 2 cents for the ride up the final hill!)

heidi-profileHeidi is a dive-in-headfirst type of woman who never turns down the chance at a good adventure. She loves to ride bikes of all types & whether it’s a race or a bikepacking trip, she’s guaranteed to be smiling the whole way. She also loves to share her favourite sport with anyone who will listen & that’s why we’re proud to have Heidi as a Liv Vancouver Ambassador.

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