Heidi’s DIY Holiday Upcycled Bike Chain Ornament

Feeling crafty this holiday season? Why not “upcycle” your worn bicycle chain into this beautiful ornament by following Heidi’s step-by-step instructions?

  1. The first step is to clean the chain. Using bits left over from a new chain install is great, as you just have to remove the factory grease with some degreaser. When using a used chain, try a mountain bike or road bike that you keep pretty clean. I’ve tried using the one off my commuter bike, but the cleaning required is pretty intensive and it always stays a bit grungy (that said, you can paint it later!) Let the chains sit in a tub with degreaser for a bit, and then scrub them with an old toothbrush. They dry them with some old rags. heidis-star-ornament-numbered1
  2. Next, set up your work station. In addition to the chain, you need a chain-breaking tool, some newspaper to protect your work area, a cloth, superglue and I recommend using some gloves (so you don’t glue your fingers together! I may or may not have done this). Give the chain one last wipe with your cloth and get off any residual gunk that you may have missed.
  3. Count out 10 links.
  4. Break the chain at that point.
  5. Form the star shape and apply glue to the links that end up in the middle of the star so that they all get stuck together. This is the tricky part to form the star – wiggle the links until you get the shape you want. Apply some glue to the end link that fits inside the other end link and line up the holes where the pin would go.
  6. Set aside and let dry. Then thread some ribbon or yarn through the holes and your ornament is ready to hang! I like putting these on gifts as a unique touch to my wrapping job!

heidi-profileHeidi is a dive-in-headfirst type of woman who never turns down the chance at a good adventure. She loves to ride bikes of all types & whether it’s a race or a bikepacking trip, she’s guaranteed to be smiling the whole way. She also loves to share her favourite sport with anyone who will listen & that’s why we’re proud to have Heidi as a Liv Vancouver Ambassador.

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