Anne-Marie’s Adventures – Riding the Pavement

img_2955It’s been 3 days since we left Greymouth. We left the west coast on the train taking us through Arthur’s pass to Christchurch. There is one last trail I want to ride, the Alp 2 Ocean trail. Christchurch may be a nice city, but with 10 days left on our trip, I chose to get to Lake Tekapo as fast as possible, that means a lot of road riding, 280 km of hilly sealed road.

img_2971Long day on the road.

First stop out of the train is Lincoln, a charming university town with too many food and coffee options for our needs. I was really happy to enjoy a night in a real room with my own shower 🙂. Great breakfast/bakery option for breakfast and as always, a very good latte. The road is mainly flat or a false flat going to Geraldine, strong head wind, but a good ride. It’s awesome to find great coffee shops in the smallest towns along the way. We didn’t get lost that day, except when Google sent us on a dead end street, but that wasn’t my fault!

img_2959Kelsey digging into the free cheese samples!

Geraldine is this great little town, with an awesome cheese store (they let us taste every one of them 🙂) as well as a jam and a chocolate store, bakeries and coffee shops. With all the sampling, we left a lot later then planned!

img_2968Hill ride to Lake Tekapo.

Going to Lake Tekapo wasn’t a piece of cake! 1,150m of climbing on a 90km ride with a constant headwind and some wind gusts that pushed me off the road. It was an awesome day! I may be insane, but a road ride on flat terrain would be boring, so it was an awesome day! The views were amazing throughout the day.

img_2978Lake Tekapo.

Now, time for a glass of wine (or 2) to accompany the dehydrated soup and local cheese we picked up in Geraldine.

Anne-MarieAnne-Marie is the owner of Liv Vancouver, the first female focused bicycle boutique of its kind in Canada. An avid cyclist & bike packer, she has ridden down the coast from Vancouver to San Francisco twice, among other exciting two-wheeled expeditions. She is now on a bicycle tour through New Zealand with her daughter Frederique & colleague Kelsey. Visit Anne-Marie’s personal blog here.

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